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A mother takes her two children, Jojo and Avila, to visit Grandma in the woods. When their mother gets into a car accident on the way home, six year old Jojo is forced to take care of his baby sister Avila. The two of them battle against the odds as they try to escape an angry hobo, a ravenous pack of wolves, and the violent fury of Mother Nature. Can Jojo overcome his differences with Avila and make it home to Grandma?

  • Joseph Ogando
  • Avila vonGoosebottom
  • Peter Tahoe
  • Brian Schmidt and
    Ann-Marie Plastino
Joesph-Joseph Ogando, an accomplished actor of both stage and screen, is internationally, recognized for being a young child. Although he is a gifted actor, what he really wants to do is direct traffic.
Avila vonGoosebottom trained at Juiliard for over eight years in classical piano before she finally decided to try something new and caught the acting bug. After she suffered from a prolonged illness, the doctors were finally able to isolate and remove the acting bug from her liver before it had a chance to spread and take over her whole body. She has since made a full recovery and returned to a normal childhood.
A native New yorker, Peter Tahoe cut his acting teeth in Manhattan studying with Michael Howard and Gene Frankel, and doing numerous Way-Off-Broadway theatrical productions. Having moved to Los Angeles in the beginning of 2005, he quickly became a hobo living in the woods, where he often spent the early hours eating raw raccoon and chasing small children.
With this film being their directorial debut, Brian and Ann-Marie spend their time living in utter poverty and relentlessly working to repeal child labour laws. "I just want to give minors the chance to work 18 hour days that I have come to love and cherish," said Ann-marie. Brian piped in, "It's not fair that they get to go to bed at a decent time and don't get to develop that really amazing, completely dried-out red eye look that is all the rage these days."