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When the mother gets into a car accident on the way home, six-year-old Jojo is forced to pull his baby sister Avila from the wreckage, plop her into his backpack, and together they try to make it home alive. The two of them battle against the odds as they try to escape a deranged hobo, a ravenous pack of wolves, some dirty diapers, abandoned couches, and the violent fury of Mother Nature.

THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF JOJO (AND HIS ANNOYING SISTER AVILA) is pretty much every daydream every seven-year-old kid ever had. Ever. There’s adventure, danger, comedy, and Skittles. If you’re a parent, this film may make you squirm. But if you’re a child or a child at heart, Jojo and Avila will take you on the incredible journey you’ve been waiting for.